The Connection Codes workshop will show you:
1) The #1 fundamental, foundational human need.
2) How to keep your cycle from becoming a cyclone.
3) How to find the great lost goldmine of relational connection.
4) The link between relationships and health (& how to tame a wolf).

The Connection Codes are a blueprint and set of tools for relational connection. For some, the Connections Codes are a total paradigm shift; for others, they are a deep enrichment. Direct and implementable, they will help your relationships get to the deepest possible level.

We will be showing the worksop live!  Please mute your microphone once you join the sessions. The password will be sent in an email the day before the workshop. More info is available at or

Private sessions can be scheduled - O: 615 844-6269

Look forward to seeing you soon,

Connections Code Team

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