People often comment on how refreshing The Connection Codes feel. Especially for those who previously have been in therapy, the simplicity of the Connection Codes is freeing and exciting. As one client said with laughter, “No offense Doc, but what you do is really easy- it’s just common sense.”

The reason people experience the Connection Codes this way is because the Connection Codes are based on our original wiring. In implementing the Connection Codes, you are not learning something new, you are relearning what is already coded within you. Interactions, experiences and events have altered your internal wiring. You do not need to learn the Connection Codes; you simply need to unlearn or remove what is suppressing them. People find great relief and encouragement in this, because so many fear they are not capable of honing the ‘skills’ needed to have deep connection. In reality, each and every one of us is coded for deep connection. This is why the Connection Codes can cause connection to occur so smoothly and rapidly.

The Connection Codes are a blueprint and toolbox that equip anyone and everyone to heal from emotional pain and successfully relate, communicate and connect with others. Dr. Glenn Hill and his wife Phyllis created the Connection Codes workshop to assist participants in creating safety, connection, and intimacy in relationships. Whether through the workshop, the DVD series or in private sessions, people find relief and hope as they experience the connection we all crave.