Want to learn the secret to healthy relationship?

Want to improve your mental health?

The Connection Codes are a simple, revolutionary approach to mental health and healthy relationship. 

Dr. Glenn Hill, creator of the Connection Codes, is a life and relationship coach, author and speaker, marriage and family therapist and clinical sexologist with a private practice in Brentwood, TN.

Dr. Hill and his wife of 36 years, Phyllis, created the Connection Codes Workshop to impart this life-changing information in a safe, friendly environment. 

The Connection Codes are helping heal and enrich countless lives and relationships. It is Dr. Hill's mission to take the Connection Codes to every corner of the globe.

We all are wired for connection and emotion; we all require healthy relationship to thrive. However, most of us are taught to change this wiring, to suppress our emotions and strive for self-sufficiency. We are taught that relationship hurt and emotions are bad. The Connection Codes will teach you how to return to your original wiring and thrive. 

You need this. You deserve this. Let's do this. 

-Dr. Glenn Hill