The more we listen to the hearts of our Connection Codes Community, the more we hear a need for an ongoing conversation about feminine sexuality.

Sisters, you are beautiful, brilliant and powerful. And that has nothing to do with sexuality and everything to do with sexuality. 

You are worthy.

You are loved.

You deserve to be seen.

You deserve to be known.

You deserve pleasure.

You have a right to desire, to hunger, to thirst, to rest, to want, to need, to dream. You have a right to feel sadness and anger and pain and longing and joy.

You have a right to experience what you experience.

You have a right to exist. 

This is true now and has always been true. 

So, once a month through 2021, we want to talk about the things that keep us, as women, from fully knowing and embracing that truth. 

We will talk about:

Self-worth & body image

Replacing cultural lies with Truth 

Healing from sexual pain

How to talk to your kids and teens about sex

How to talk to your partner about sex

How Identity, emotion and connection relate to sexuality

How unprocessed fear, guilt and shame affect sexual health

Creating an oasis where you can rest, be heard and find belonging and joy

And more!

This conversation (via Zoom) will be a judgement free zone and a safe place for all women to learn, grow, process and ask questions. You can remain anonymous or become as involved as you are comfortable with.

Join us for this life-giving conversation by clicking on the link below:

Girl’s Night Conversations: A Heart to Heart About Sexuality

Or partner with us by becoming a Girl’s Night Connector! We need our Connectors to spread the word about Girl's Night- get a friend or group of friends to register for Girl’s Night and as a Connector join for free! There will also be a private Zoom party for Connectors to get to chat with Phyllis and Echo after Girl's Night! Just email “I’m in!” to 

We love and appreciate our Connection Codes Community so much. We are passionate about bringing hope and healing to the hearts of women all over the world. Join us for Girl’s Night Conversations! We can’t wait to be with you.